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Folk remedies for toothache

Folk remedy for toothache
For different types of toothache help folk remedies for toothache. Dental pain is one of the most painful and unpleasant pain. When it occurs people really can not think of anything else to suffer attention, its becomes extremely irritable and nervous.

Toothache is the result of irritation of the nerve, which runs in a tooth or in the tissues that surround it. So by breakage hardest tissue in the tooth (read dentin and enamel) Dentin closed enamel, but it so happens that the enamel does not stand up and bursts, or it eats acid.

You can help folk remedies for toothache
Also a threat to your teeth can go from the bottom. When inflammation in the soft tissues of the neck become open, and sometimes evens the roots of our teeth. The bottom line is that the neck does not have a protective coating, and dental cement, which are covered by soft roots - and with strong teeth cleaning can remove it.

The processes described above can cause tooth sensitivity. As a result, different diseases may develop tooth. If something sweet or sour or opposite cold gives some pain in one or many teeth, which passes quickly - then it says sensitive teeth. It can be compared with low immunity. This means that your teeth need to be handled with care, care for them, and when the ambulance to your teeth to help folk remedies for toothache.

Proper dental care is essential as a folk remedy for toothaches and anticipation of dental disease.
Do not forget to brush your teeth twice a day - in the alternative folk remedy may be dissolved in water to make salt.
But to really care for your teeth is not enough, because your food intake is also important for them to limit the intake of sweet, eat a little more rigid food - from your teeth will be stronger. Then folk remedies against toothache you just do not need.
Sometimes, a toothache grabs it - agonized now. There is not always time to run to the pharmacy, what there endure to receive the dentist. After all, she might grab you at night - in the country, for example, when you are not expecting it at all. In this case, people's money will be a good weapon to fight the pain. This throbbing toothache can bring any scrip, so go ahead - to folk remedies!

Folk remedies for toothache

Folk remedy for toothache by Ira;
Very quickly leave a toothache, if a sick tooth gum alcohol tincture of calamus oil or St. John's wort.

Folk remedy for toothache, Sage;
Rinse your mouth with a solution of lukewarm sage take on 200ml of water - 20 grams of sage. Keep the resulting broth in your mouth a little longer, and then spit out a solution, repeat. We perform 3 or 4 times a day. Sage can be used instead of baking soda - teaspoon per cup of boiling water

Folk remedies for toothache, onions; Small piece of onion, and the resulting gruel shinkuem put in gauze. Then this embeds this gauze with a bow in the ear opposite to the aching tooth. So do not hold more than 12 hours.

Folk remedy for toothache, pine needles;
When severe toothache, wounds and sores on the gums and teeth - rinse infusion needles. Method of preparation: Take 30 grams. Freshly picked pine needles and all that fill with boiling water. Give the brew

Folk remedy for toothache by Sala;
Good help toothache usual lard was applied to a piece of bacon aching tooth; you can use salt bacon, before removing the salt. The pain will go through 15-25 minutes.

National Council for the treatment of pain in the teeth garlic;
Husk garlic and rub the gums near the patient's tooth. Soon the pain should decrease. Or putting a clove of garlic on our wrist to the opposite arm aching tooth

Folk remedies for toothache - St. John's wort;
Pour 2 tablespoons. Spoon leaves Hypericum cup boiling water. Give the present hour. Next moistened cotton wool and apply to the tooth that hurts. Diluted with water (1/2) - you can just rinse.


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